By Katrina Adami 01 Jun, 2017

We have always believed that the real cost savings in your maintenance budgets does not come from a cheaper gasket, or a cheaper labour rate, but actually from avoiding the hassle and additional costs of unplanned downtime. We have been so passionate about this over the years that we developed our online database to collect and store every piece of service history on every plate heat exchanger we have ever touched and we have been doing this since 2004.

This data has now accumulated in such a way that we can see patterns, not only in that particular machine on your site, but patterns with that model over numerous sites. We utilise all of this information the best we can to ensure that you wont be left in a panic when things break down and parts are not in the country, or worse still, with production down, ticking away thousands of dollars in loss each second.

BIG DATA has become the BIG KING.

Data collection can take years to collect for the purpose of seeing patterns and relationships to predict maintenance cycles. With the changing face of people and roles in business, if there is no system in place to collect this, analyse it and report on it, sadly knowledge  gets lost as people move from pillar to post.

Within our Asset Managment Program, we write Service Reports for each machine we work on, keep every Test Certificate and detail every step of our onsite interaction with you; we can bring you this information so you can plan, budget and minimise costly breakdown maintenance.

If you have not had a demonstration of this program, then get in touch and we will arrange a meeting to show it to you.

Likewise, if you have access to it but don't feel you are utilising it properly, we can put together a proposal based on your history and see what we can do to support you further.


By Development Team 09 Mar, 2016

Thornhill  guarantees the quality and performance of all gaskets that we supply. We can do this because we manufacture the gaskets ourselves in our UK facility, so the  quality of your gaskets is within our control.

Despite being ‘after market’, Thornhill’s gaskets are in no way inferior. Our experience and craftsmanship is an advantage to our customers. We help you to ensure that your processing plants operate at maximum capacity.

Not only do we guarantee the quality, we also guarantee our   response time to supply   your order as we have the capability to schedule our own production lines.

By Development Team 09 Mar, 2016

The  shelf life of your gaskets is  time dependant and that is a fixed variable, however, it is really important to understand that shelf life is highly  storage condition dependant as well. Correctly storing your spare gaskets will either  preserve them to the maximum capability of the polymer or prematurely deteriorate them if they are stored incorrectly.

It is also important to note that  out of service heat exchangers should be kept in optimal conditions if you plan to use them as a  spare unit.  Components that have been  stored outside need to have the  gaskets replaced before they are installed into your processing system, otherwise they  cannot be guaranteed.

Gaskets need to be stored in  dark, cool and  dust free environments if their performance and longevity is to be maximised. One of the  advantages of having a  Thornhill Service Agreement is that we can  store your gaskets in  optimal conditions on your behalf.
Thornhill provides advice on the applicable shelf life for your polymers and if they are stored correctly, you will get the full advantage of having suitable spares on hand when you most need them.

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