Thornhill Australia Heat Exchangers

Thornhill Australia can supply a wide range of new Heat Exchangers. We locally design, build, and support our own Thornhill range of Plate Heat Exchangers and can offer OEM options if required.

Choosing the correct gasket with the right characteristics is crucial to the effective operation of the plate heat exchanger. Since most plate heat exchanger gaskets are manufactured from perishable rubber polymers, the gasket will lose the ability to seal over time through hardening and deterioration and will need replacing.

We can also help by providing you with new replacement gaskets and plates for most makes and models.

Contact us to discuss your heat plate exchanger needs!

Our range of heat exchangers include:

  • Semi welded

  • All welded

  • Brazed plate

  • Gasketed plate and frame

  • Plate and shell

  • Sanitary

Keep your business and customers safe with Thornhill Plate Heat Exchanger Testing

Our complete range of heat exchanger testing, including hydrostatic pressure testing and gas integrity testing, minimise the risk of cross contamination, and will assist you with Dairy and other Food Safety Standards compliance.