Thornhill Australia’s on-site servicing includes:

  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems
  • Gas Integrity Testing of assembled heat exchangers to detect pinholes and/or cracks in the heat exchanger plates
  • Holding Time Tube test
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Installation of plates and gaskets

Cleaning in Place (CIP) Service

Thornhill Australia’s CIP service offers you the benefits of a cost effective and efficient equipment cleaning solution that achieves outstanding results with minimum downtime of your operation.

CIP is faster, less labour-intensive, and more repeatable due to reduced chemical exposure to staff and contractors in the maintenance and cleaning process.

Our skid mounted CIP systems use the most up to date and environmentally safe cleaning fluids on the market and is ideal for industries where hygiene is critical in maintaining the plant, such as dairy, food and beverage, brewing and pharmaceuticals, and in situations where industrial equipment is difficult to dismantle or take offline.

By removing the build-up of scale and other contaminants that accumulates on the plates, the whole plant becomes more efficient. This residue can be visible, such as scale and sludge or invisible in the form of bacteria and yeast.

  • Custom Made Skid Mounted Cleaning Kits
  • Environmentally friendly Cleaning Solutions
  • Less time taking equipment offline saving you time and money

Losing efficiency and don’t have the time (or the budget) for a shutdown?

Consider the advantages of our onsite Cleaning In Place (CIP) service using our skid mounted systems instead of pulling your equipment offline!

Maintenance Made Easy through Thornhill’s Asset Management Program

We believe that customers should get the best value from their maintenance budgets by avoiding the additional costs of unplanned equipment downtime. We are passionate about the work we do and have accumulated over twenty years of service data on plate heat exchangers that we have worked on. This valuable insight enables us to identify patterns and relationships to help predict maintenance trends specific to your unique process, and to help you keep track of your equipment servicing needs.

Find out more about the benefits of our Asset Management Program for your business.

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