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Safeguarding Your PHE With Gas Integrity Testing

In the world of food production, ensuring the utmost safety of your products is non-negotiable. Learn about safeguarding your Plate Heat Exchanger with Gas Integrity Testing.

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance

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In this article, we look at the importance of plate heat exchanger maintenance, the causes of wear and tear, what good maintenance involves, timeframes and procedures, how to prevent damage, and more!

New Thornhill Australia Website!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Thornhill website!

100% Australian Owned

Thornhill Australia - 100% Australian Owned!
Gas Testing

Gas Integrity Testing and Clean and Crack Test Services

We've been one of Australia's leading specialist heat exchange service and supply companies since 1992. We're here to provide a complete range of testing services to ensure that you minimise the risks of cross contamination and to comply with your Dairy and Product Safety Standards.

Monitoring History to Predict the Future

We have always believed that the real cost savings in your maintenance budgets does not come from a cheaper gasket, or a cheaper labour rate, but actually from avoiding the hassle and additional costs of unplanned downtime. We have been so passionate about this over the years that we developed our online database to collect and store every piece of service history on every plate heat exchanger we have ever touched and we have been doing this since 2004.